Metro Rush Hour Crush

I pick up this mornings edition of the Metro to get the brief summary of the the triggering of Article 50 plastered on the front page. As I flick through I come across my favourite section, the Metro Rush Hour Crush. It does make me giggle, I see a number of very good looking men on my commute to work every morning and who knows maybe one day I’Il read:

“GRUMPY curly haired girl with glasses, we exchanged a sigh to get a seat – How about we rant about commuters over a glass of wine?”

Makes me think I need to cut the grumpy commute face. Although I think if you were in my shoes, and you may already be, commuting 1hr 20 each way everyday, as the crazy bag lady (I usually have my handbag & gym bag) it kinda gets ingrained into you. I would love to know if anyone actually reads the Rush Hour Crush and is like “Oh my god, that’s me!” I would love to hear of a couple who have actually met through this. Imagine this could become a new dating business. Who knows maybe this could replace Tinder? It took online dating by storm, but it’s getting a bit tired and us singletons need something new.

I’m off to contact the Metro editor.

Chat later x


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