TFL Craic

I started talking to a guy a couple of months ago on Tinder. He was cute, Irish with gorgeous green eyes. We got chatting and I soon realised we had a few things in common, he loved travelling as much as I did and lived one tube stop away from me. As much as I do love travelling for work, try and see me in between trips and it’s impossible. In the midst of travelling every week for work and still trying to have a social and dating life, I suggested to meet this guy on the tube. Yes the London Underground. He lived one stop away from me and let’s be honest, you know if you have an attraction to someone in a good 20 minutes and I wasn’t feeling an evening thing – it’s bloody hard to diet when dating. If you’ve been on as many dates as I have you’d get where I’m coming from. Dating is fun, but it’s also time consuming, and for someone who has odd weekends ever in London, I didn’t want to waste my precious free time on an evening which may have gone either way. We agreed to meet on the Met Line as we had to part ways at Finchley Road. It was an odd concept, meeting a guy on the Tube, definitely made me make more of an effort that morning.

Turns out his pic was as if he had taken it 5 years ago as he didn’t look the same at all and had put on a hella lot of weight. You’re prob thinking I’m being a shallow bitch, but come on, I’m a curvy girl, I’m not going to lie and Photoshop a photo to make out I’m a size 10 am I. Why lie? If anything I judged him more on the deceitful behaviour, if you’re going to lie about that – and you know I like a bit of chub on a guy, but you get talking to someone thinking they are one way when they’re not, If you’re lying about that, what on else would you be lying about later down the line? It was an odd concept to meet on the tube but I’m glad I did, that meant I had more free time that evening to work on me. Yes I may have just gone home that evening, but I tried out a new recipe and woke up that next morning ready for a pre – work workout.

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