The Coincidental Encounter

I was on Tinder one Thursday night 9 months ago when I matched with this cute guy. I was flying to Bucharest the next morning for my first work trip with my new job, so whilst I was frantically packing, I notice my phone pinged to say I had a match. I carried on packing and thought nothing of it. Friday morning I made my way to Heathrow, and as I waited for breakfast I was going through my usual newsfeeds and matches, ooh he’s cute a Britalian (British Italian) and thought fuck it, I will message him. I hardly ever message first, but thought, meh, what have I got to lose?

I got to Bucharest 4 hours later and met the transfer group that had around 8 people there was one guy that stood out. hmmm, he’s cute I thought. I got to the hotel and went to check in, as we queued I made small talk with the group. Got to my room and dropped myself onto the bed and had a look at my matches. 2000 km away, 2600 km away. 3 km away. Hmm,  that’s odd. No. It can’t be. Surely can’t be? I go to check the exhibitor delegate name list and do a Facebook search.




The cute guy who was also on this recruitment trip was the guy I matched with on Tinder that night before?!? And he hasn’t replied?!

Saturday came and the fair took place. Following the fair we were taken out for a complimentary dinner. Still no reply. Surely he knew it was me right? Oh god how embarrassing. Following the dinner, we were taken to a bar but he didn’t come. Towards the end of the night, fairly tipsy and insecure, I hit unmatch. He didn’t reply, so he clearly isn’t interested I assumed. I headed out of the bar to get a cab back to the hotel and that’s when I was mugged €50 and £10 by the taxi driver for 10 metres to my hotel. And also the day I survived my first earthquake.

I woke up the next morning crunching my face as to the actions of last night. Still embarrassed at the situation, I wasn’t sure if he had ever seen the match, had clocked on in the same way I had or if he had and just wasn’t interested. So Sunday morning I headed down for breakfast and noticed a few people from the night before and spotted him. Oh god, stomach flipping. Just act normal. Act normal. That evening I went for dinner with some of the girls, also on the circuit, I had tipsily befriended the night before and we dissected the situation, them telling me I was too Mediterranean and fiery and shouldn’t have unmatched. All well and said, I got back to London on the Monday afternoon none the wiser.

Back in the UK I was preparing for my next upcoming trips of the season and put the incident behind me, that is, until I saw on the exhibitor list that his university was attending the Cyprus fair in November. Oh god. Awkward.

On the first day of the fair we had to get the coach through the UN border to the Cyprus North Venue. We had to do Passport checks and someone had forgotten theirs at the hotel. Yep. Him. As we waited a 20 minutes for him to go back to the hotel to pick up his passport I got chatting to a delegate who I had met on a previous trip earlier that year in April, she was so friendly and probably a few years younger than my mum, and somehow I just started blurting out this story to her like, oh my god what do I do?! He’s here and I don’t know how to act. She gave me the good advice of, if he doesn’t show any interest then it’s his loss, don’t beat yourself up about it, you’re a lovely pretty girl. His loss.

Annoyingly his stand was quite close to mine so was pretty much unavoidable. But I just followed C’s advice and just didn’t think anything of it.

The following day we had the fair at the Hilton. I got talking to a few universities and story cut short we ended up getting a taxi with two other people back to the hotel as he was staying at the same hotel as me. We decided to go out for dinner as a group and met at the hotel bar first for a drink. I was in the hotel room getting ready like what the fuck do I wear?! I need to look sassy and sexy but like I haven’t made too much effort. I head down to the bar and my friend (who knew about the situation) shouted in her welsh accent, gosh don’t you look lush! I just felt myself go red avoided eye contact with him. In the cab she mentions to him so where are you from etc and he mentions he’s Italian (of course I knew this from the match and the Facebook stalk LOL) to which she says loudly, ah so you and Patrizia can practice Italian! Lol aaaaawkss. Acting as normal as I could I asked him where his family were from, to which he replied Naples. Fuck sake, could this guy get any more similar to me?! We awkwardly ended up sitting next to each other at dinner, much to what I think was the welsh girls intention and there I was trying to eat, whilst still trying to look cute and hold in my tummy. Pfff. The group all ended up heading to a bar later that night. We got drinking and it was good as he was now on the other end of the table. The awkward topic of Tinder came up to where we were both saying yeah its crap (me thinking…. Arsehole). At one point one guy in the group even mentioned Oh wouldn’t it be funny if you two were to ever match! My friend D and I just shot a look at each other like ha “oh if only you knew!”.

Nothing else happened on the trip and I will most probably continue seeing him in the future on the circuit, but it makes me realise that even though on paper someone could seem absolutely perfect for you, that sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

To be continued until the next trip…

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