The Best 12 Snippets from Get the Guy

I attended the infamous Get the Guy event at the Amba Hotel yesterday which I found on Eventbrite. I had seen a  few of Matthew’s video’s previously so I was instantly intrigued. The day was run buy his dad and original mentor and coach Steve Hussey and I loved the ugly truth he brought to the table.

I can only recommend for you to attend yourself as I found the event extremely eye opening as to things I might be doing wrong, but here are the best snippets of the event:

1) Women make excuses all the time but do we ever hear men say “ooh I’m going to focus on my career and take a break from dating?” no, no we do not, quit making excuses and get off your sofa.

2) If you’re not enough without a relationship, a relationship will never be enough for you.

3) Ultimately it comes down to confidence – Women want an extraordinary man, and this extraordinary man will want or be attracted to an extraordinary lady.

4) If you have issues, we don’t want to save you. If you need help – I’m out.

5) When a guy approaches you and they start talking to them about something, allow them to expand on the subject by asking them to expand and why they’re interested.

Usually women make this fundamental mistake:

Lady: So where are you going on holiday?

Guy: I’m heading to the States in September

Lady: oh nice! I went to the US last week or my friend JUST came back!

This is where women usually interrupt and takeover – instead allow the guy to expand, it shows them you’re interested in learning more about them.

Lady: So where are you going on holiday?

Guy: I’m heading to the States in September

Lady: oh nice! Where about in the states?

6) There’s no such thing as he could have been the ‘one’, if he’s fucked off he’s clearly not the one is he?

7) Women can overthink, overthink, overthink about what a guy has said in a text, and will call a conference with girl friends or send over screen shots – but truth is what he just sent, he most probably wasn’t thinking anything. So stop overthinking it. And stop sharing and trying to decode texts with friends, you don’t need permission of what to say – if you want to say something in the moment just say it, it makes you who you are. If you come off to strong at the end of the day that is who are.

8) Don’t invest your time in someone who isn’t invested as much as you are, think, you’ve got to want me and if you get a gut feeling that they don’t, then forget about it. Some people invest harder the more we want them but if you’re investing, investing and he’s not – and you continue to invest – they never will as they’ll assume its ok not to. Best thing to do is Invest and Test. If they show interest or investment, reciprocate, if one or the other fail to reciprocate at one point step back and give them space until they realise hmm or want to restart that effort. If they don’t, let it go, they’re no longer interested.

9) Men paying the bill – Although it is expensive for men to constantly pick up the bill (if dating 2-3 times a week), be a man at least in the beginning, but men want to know you are prepared to pay for it. If a woman isn’t prepared to go Dutch, is this what they would expect throughout the entire relationship? If a lady is footing the entire bill the man is saying I’m not interested in impressing you.

10) If guys aren’t approaching you, there is one thing you can change about that. YOU.

Make it easy for a man to approach you. Be receptive.

Women on a night out tend to face each other in a circle, which is extremely off putting for a man. How is a Man supposed to come up to you in a closed circle? It’s super awkward. Solution? Open up to a half moon, and instantly it’s less intimidating for a man to approach you.

Don’t cross your arms, lose the bitch/bored face and quit looking around (also known as light housing LOL). If you’re not feeling up for a night out – don’t go out, no man wants to approach a woman who looks miserable. Men want to approach women who are having an amazing time. When you have fun and dance like you’re having fun, but actually, you begin to animate and visual chemistry is everything.

11) So how do you show a man you’re interested?

Eye Contact – look for three seconds, look away, then look again, then look away

Smile – then smile, it shows you’re interested and open to conversation.

Proximity – find a way to communicate next to each other rather than opposite, opposite each other is threatening. If at dinner – sit next to each other on a table.

Say Something – Ask a favour. It makes them feel more connected to you. The favour has to be in the moment, and not cost anything to them.

12) Formula for Attraction

1)    Visual Chemistry – not looking a certain way but ensuring we carry ourselves well

2)    Emotional Connection – Asking them their interests and why. Asking why delves deeper into understand what makes them the way they are, what their passions are, unveiling their values and personality.

3)    Perceived Value – Show your worth and your value. Radiate your happy life, lifestyle and emotional health, so that what you are bringing to the relationship table is inviting and your potential partner can see what a worthwhile investment you are.  This is how positively you talk about yourself and your life and the people in it.

4)    Perceived Challenge – Men place more value on a Lady if they can prove themselves. In a not always being available at the exact time, place, day, he would like to meet kind of way.

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