A date can go pretty amazing, you have the spark, there’s no awkward silences, you might picture yourself with them (guilty), you kiss and think ok when will I see them next? Then a few days pass and you don’t make the first move as you don’t want to seem keeno (or not in my case sometimes – I really need to tame my fiery Portuguese side) and then nada…like they’ve dropped off the face of the earth. Friends, bless them, will try to come up with bogus reasons ( I do love my friends for the advising sessions we’ve had in the past haha) why they haven’t got in touch whilst discussing and dissecting conversations (Sorry guys but it’s true we all do this!) over a glass or three of Rioja, but the harsh reality is that sometimes they are just not that into you.

So if they’re doing any of the below, please get rid of them. like now.

They’re not organising another date. 

Whether it’s the guy or girls turn to organise, if it goes well but they’re taking ages to organise the next date, sorry to break it to you but they’re not interested.

They have to study

Bullshit. If they want to see you they’ll prioritise. It’s an excuse. I have clearly had a magnet for ACCA studying members….Byeee 👋

They can’t be bothered to meet you half way

If they can’t be bothered to travel on the tube or by car to meet you half way..You know the drill, not interested.

If they hide that they’re exclusive with someone when you ask them and keeps suggesting to see you

You are no ones side chick, you are Beyoncé and if he fails to see that then that’s his loss. He is playing you both. Delete and block that fuckboys number, he definitely ain’t interested.

They’re on holiday and probably don’t have wifi

I love this one. Unless he’s on holiday in war zone Aleppo then it’s utter bullshit. I was on holiday in my dads village in Italy one summer where I could only get 4G by the bathroom window and I was talking to a guy I liked. Result? My family thought I had the shits all holiday and I came back to a £120 phone bill on data. oops.

So when asking a few guys what their most savage way they had told someone they weren’t interested in someone, I did get some funny replies:

“I told her I was moving up north”

“I stopped talking to her and started dating her best friend who I have now been with for 3 years (they don’t talk now)” #awks!

“Probably one time at college when a girl who liked me but I didnt like was trying to tell me she did but was to too shy to get the words out, so mid-flow I just gave her a hug and said “Aww you’ll be ok” and then I walked away”

Essentially the more I date the more I realise that men don’t actually play games, if they’re interested they’ll just show it, be in touch, chat, organise and most importantly they’ll make sure that they’ll make an effort to see you. If they stop making effort with you, stop making effort with them. If they’ve lost interest they’ll just simply disappear. And it happens both ways, both men and women are guilty of doing the above. Don’t deny it.

That’s why most recently I’ve told the guys straight out when I haven’t been interested. I feel like an awful person when I tell them I’m not really into them but I’d rather just be honest and I think it’s actually quite selfish to just go silent rather than just be out right honest. The beginning of this year had been pretty much like this, going on dates and just not having that spark that made me want to pursue it.

If you find this happens to you and the date has gone amazing (in your opinion) and they start acting funny or you haven’t heard from them, its not the end of the world. Yes it’s shit, keep your chin up, go for a drink with your girls, have a boogie, and just forget about them, it’s their loss.


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