Mr. Corduroy

I started talking to Georgios around a month ago. He was originally from the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Greece. He was cute and wrote with broken English which I found quite endearing.

In today’s dating world it’s a given that the person you’re talking to will most likely be on more than one or two dating apps. So in order to protect myself and not get hurt I have usually gone by this too, but when I now meet someone I want, like really – this rule goes out of the window. Some might argue that it’s risky as the other person could be dating you as well as 2 others but it’s the risk I take – to invest in that one person.

Our chat had been on and off over the month and pretty brief as I had wanted to pursue things with MTB.

Last Tuesday, George popped up in my notifications asking to go for drinks after work on Wednesday. In hope that MTB would get his act together, I wasn’t really feeling it. George seemed like a nice guy and was being persistent to meet me, but in reality what I wanted was someone else to be making this effort, except he wasn’t, so I agreed to meeting.

Making my usual cup of morning Nespresso I debriefed my friends of a potential date that evening. “You could sound a bit more excited, you’ve got a date!” So getting back to my desk, I thought to myself ‘He seems like a nice guy, give him a chance, you can’t keep waiting to hear from someone who clearly isn’t acting interested” .

Throughout the rest of the day I still felt unsure and whether to pull a ‘sorry I don’t feel well’. I know I’m so horrid.


 “Good Afternoon Patrizia, how are you? All good for today right? I will be waiting outside of jubilee line. When you arrive give me a call… :)”

I didn’t have the heart to cancel.

Feeling slightly blank, I made my way up the escalators of London Bridge station, I felt a rip and looked down to find my tights have all of a sudden ripped by my knee. I needed to get to Boots and fast.

We met outside Jamie’s Wine Bar. First impression – aw he’s cute, tall and had similar glasses to mine. And had these bottle green Corduroy trousers. I don’t remember the last time I had seen a man wear corduroy.

It was loud so he suggested to go elsewhere, Láng, the Shangri-La’s hotel artisan deli on the ground floor of the Shard. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all Mr. Greco. We got a seat outside and ordered a cocktail. He had a very thick Greek accent, which at times sounded Spanish. He too was a foodie so we looked at the menu and ordered an Artisan Antipasto. It was quite rank to be honest, the salami tasted old and the Parmesan looked like cheddar – but we laughed and gave each other this look like “you can’t seriously think this is good right??”.

He mentioned he was a web designer and so we got talking about work and business ideas. He was so inspiring, he had started up 3 or 4 companies in his 20’s and even though some of them failed he inspired me really to take the plunge to start a consultancy on the side.

“It doesn’t matter if you fail, what matters is that you tried and can learn from it”

He asked me if I wanted to go up the Shard to see the view, why the hell not I thought?

As we made our way through security in the Shard he asked me “so you had a good night with me, yeah? ” and I actually had. His shyness was so cute.  Even though I didn’t feel an attraction instantly, I had enjoyed myself with him and it was a refreshing evening.

So next time you find yourself ummming and aarhing about going on that date, take a friends advice, put some lipstick on and get that sparkle back. We don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason.

… A second date…?



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