5 Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts for Men: What to write and avoid

  1. Do make your opening message stand out and say something other than “Hey” or “Hey You”

It’s terribly tedious receiving message after message with just “hey”. A hot guy might message but if it’s a standard hey, what am I going to do with that? I want to talk to someone who’s going to make me laugh and have interesting conversation. It shows you’re lazy and can’t really be bothered to make an effort. Unmatch.

  1. Don’t be crude. Hi, nice to meet you, no I don’t want to see a Di*k pic.

Thanks to multiple hookup dating apps around these days, Some men (I won’t say all) think it’s ok to just put it out there and ask for a fu*k as an opening line. OK so Tinder was initially an app for hookups. but Tinder in my opinon really changed the online dating world making it acceptable to ask for a fu*k up front on a lot of dating platforms FYI it’s not ok. Unless that is what a lady has genuinely put in her bio of course.

  1. Do make the effort to look past photos, a profile bio is there for a reason. Read it 🙂 

Thank you for the compliment on my culo, but I do have a brain, I like to travel and can speak 5 languages. That’s a lot to go off for a conversation starter. A compliment is nice here and there but showing someone you’ve taken the time to read their bio/ profile shows you’re not shallow. Attraction is really important but so is charisma and humour.

If you can’t think of something to say or the bio is empty – yes us girls are guilty of that too, then think outside the box and take note of detail that tells you about one of their interests from their pics.

  1. Don’t copy and paste messages.

It’s SO obvious, and again it shows laziness. Yes online dating can get tedious and a lot of guy and girl friends have admitted to comparing online dating to a part-time job and it’s true. You have to put in the effort.  Some of my guy friends mentioned however “When you get no reply after no reply it gets disheartening” I agree it is, but that’s the dating game. You might write a great opening line and they end up being your husband or wife. I know 3 couples that met on a mix of Match and POF and are now married and have children. According to the Daily Mail UK A relationship started online is 25 per cent less likely to end in divorce or separation than those that began through friends or chance. So make the effort!

  1. And finally. Don’t long it out. Arrange a date before the momentum dies or before there’s nothing left to say on the date.

I’m a true believer in this. In those first set of messages and once he gets the approval through to Whatsapp messaging you should know if you have that ’connection’ to want to see each other. When I’m talking to someone, I give it 5 days absolute max for them to arrange a date (if they’re or you’re  going away on holiday – squeeze a date before going away, you’ll be a long distant memory by the time they or you come back and that ship will have sailed.) If you continue talking and talking you risk A) falling into the PenPals zone or worse B) FINALLY going on a date and having nothing to talk about as you’ve spoken every day about absolutely everything. There have been quite a few times where i’ve been talking to a guy where we spoke for so long that I believed we had so much in common that I became comfortable talking to them every day to then meeting them and disappointingly there being no spark. What a waste of time and investment.

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