Dating as a dating blogger

Having recently taken a break the from the whole online dating world I thought I’d ease myself back into dating by getting back onto Bumble. As a working professional who commutes to the absolute other end of London everyday it’s quite hard to meet someone the old fashion way, let’s be honest. Feeling ready to dip my toes back into it all I was looking for a platform where men actually have a brain and don’t feel inclined to send a “wanna hook up” opening, maybe because they can’t actually message first, but still.

So as a dating bloggger when is the right time to tell them you blog and about dating?

This weekend I got talking to a really cute, interesting guy with these striking blue eyes. We got chatting about ambitions, business ideas – I liked the sound of this guy,  he seemed cultured, and his drive made him even more attractive, and he was forward – a breath of fresh air from guys I usually have to tread carefully with to not seem too Mediterranean and scare them off. 🤣

I did forget however how much of a cock block this blog can be though…🙄

I’ve made a few rookie errors before, showing the guy my blog after they’ve asked what my experiences of online dating were..I guess guys are worried they’ll be the next subject/ theme of my blog and so essentially go cold.

But it’s a massive hobby of mine, I enjoy exploring the dating world, being the love optimist, you’ll find me watching first dates, Love Island, and oh my god the Undateables is one of my favourites. If I’m dating someone though it doesn’t necessarily mean they automatically become the subject of my blog.

What is hilarious though are the guys that I’ve dated who want to be featured on here as if it’s the Sex and the City column in the New York Times and they think they were my Mr Big.

Note to self. If you think he’s a gooden, hold back on sharing the blog…


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