Love is in the air

Sometimes I think you need to attend a wedding to get the faith back in believing it will happen for you one day. 

This summer I had pretty much given up on dating because quite frankly I was fed up of meeting idiots, dates not working out and just being constantly disappointed. The online dating world is saturated and tired and I too was tired. Tired of swiping, tired of trying. 

I had a disastrous morning. I went to get my hair blow dried at my local salon to realise within 5 minutes, she wasn’t going to do it how I wanted. In my head I wanted the big, luscious Cheryl Geordie blow dry, instead it was flat and curly which she then started to brush out…great.

Getting home I then turn on my curling iron to sort out the hair, put on my very fabulous sequin skirt and RRIIIIPPPPPP, the sequins on the skirt had somehow come apart and and it had broken in that instant!??? Fuck?!?? What was I going to wear now!?!? I had 20 minutes to find another outfit. I had planned this outfit to a T all month, had Pinterest ideas of a sequin skirt and white wrap top together with hot pink heels. And now I was screwed!?!  

I had my navy dress from Ascot as my last resort, but I wasn’t feeling it as much as my planned outfit. But what could I do now?! I had to wear it. Ugh. 

We arrived at the church and I spotted this guy.. Gorgeous, dark haired, stubbly and just yum… one of the grooms ushers.. he was hot. We exchanged a glance…and it was like the butterfly house at ZSL London Zoo. 🦋 😍 sounds ridiculous I know. He was handing out the orders of service at the church and I couldn’t even look at him I had gone all shy. Wtf?! 

Throughout the whole day, there was this feeling of love I just couldn’t shake off. The Love between two people about to commit the rest of their lives together, the love of a father and daughter, the love of families welcoming the bride and groom into their families, love of family and friends. 

I might never bump into that gorgeous usher again, but after such a beautiful wedding I have now regained some sort of faith that I will meet ‘the one’ one day, and if that means having to kiss a few more 🐸’s along the way then so be it. 

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