The first date: Who pays?

Last night I was catching up on an episode of First Dates, the couple were cute, there was a spark between them and then they get to the point of paying. The girl offers her share and the guy comes out with

“well you did eat more of the dessert than me”

wow. Just wow.

Now the topic of paying on a first date is a sensitive one which has had both guys and women in the office and in the pub debating over this. Taking the poll to twitter, 64% agreed both should go splits on a first date where as 36% believed men should foot the bill.

Maybe it’s how I’ve been brought up but I think it’s gentlemanly for the guy to pay on the first date. Or at least the first round of drinks. That being said I do think women should offer to go halves. Similarly if it’s the lady who has been bold enough to ask him on a date, she too should be prepared to pay, she did ask in the end.

Asking my two guy friends I was quite surprised to hear one thought one way and the other though the other. One was adamant:

“Pay on the first date or pay for the rest of your life”

I know dating is pricey especially if your dating once or more than once a week but I had one date who was constantly looking for a bargain it was embarrassing to be around. We got to Dirty Martini in Covent and he loudly asked the bar man if 2 for 1 deals were still on (it was 6.45pm, of course it would be). We then went to Nando’s. Sat ourselves down and he uttered the “do you want to go order first”, I don’t know if I’m being a princess but considering we had been chatting for ages and he was the one who kept Insisting to meet up I was taken a bit aback that he hadn’t offered to get my dinner. The more I got to know him over my lemon and herb chicken thighs and spicy rice the more I actually got bored of his conversation. Right, knife and fork neatly on my empty plate I was thinking of excuses I’d make to head off.. but he kept insisting to go for a drink. Being the nice girl (I was far too nice back then) and too polite to say no, we went to a bar. By now it was 9.30pm, we approach the bar and again “Hi just wanted to know if you’ve still got a cheeky 2 for 1 deal still on?” oh god, the bar man actually looked at me like “Jesus woman make a run from this cheap skate”, to which he then replied, “I’m sorry, no it’s not, it’s way past 7.30pm you know” ugh cringe!!!!!

Similarly nowadays seeing how easy it is to hookup with someone from a dating app, why would a guy fork out the money if they just see the date as an easy shag?

What are your thoughts on paying the bill? Are you a traditional and think the man should pay or do you think we all need to get with the times?


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