Shhhh Dating 

The event was held in a cute, small bar in Old Street called Loves Company, but as I tipsily head home from tonight’s event, I can’t help but feel the expected disappointment. 

Quite a cute place for a date FYI. But as with most dating events I have been to in London, I have found yet another event with old men and young women.

The event structure however I can’t fault. It was innovative and fresh and a good laugh. To break the ice we had to do a few rounds of Air Kisses, Namastes, hand shakes and it was good to warm up us reserved English lot. Following this we had around 2 minutes of intense staring, no talking, but full on staring. It was definitely different.

But as a marketer, I told the event organiser, that no 20 – something year old woman wants to meet a 40 borderline 45 year old… and yet again I find myself repeating myself that segmentation marketing is what’s missing from all of these dating events. unless it’s addressed properly it will continue to attract such polar opposites in age ranges… until I start to run my own one day…


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