That awkward silence…

The worst scenario possible. You finally meet after speaking  for a while. You’re thinking this guy could be seriously something good. You get to know him over WhatsApp, you start talking often. Then you meet for dinner and the conversation is awkward and quiet. 

This has happened to me a few times and mostly when we decided to go out for dinner on the first date. One guy I’ll call Antonio, we had chatted loads after talking on POF. He was also from a Mediterranean background and I was guilty of fantasising. Come on, we all do it, don’t lie.

 So we met and it was awkward AF. I could tell he was nervous. I hate dinner on a first date. It’s far too stuffy and formal. But it really made me think, how can two people have so much to talk about behind a mobile screen and yet you put them together in a restaurant and the dynamics change?

What I’ve done a few times is whip out the old fave of “let’s play never have I ever”, because that way you break the ice with alcohol and you get to know each other in a less stuffy way! And sometimes it’s worked in our favour that there was less pressure and both parties relax more. In my opinion to avoid these awful awkward silences – avoid dinner.

So I’ve decided to buy tickets to a dating event called Shh Dating tonight. Usually it would sound like my kind of hell but I’m intrigued at the thought of speed silent dating. Eyes are one of my favourite features in a man, but still, what will we do? Just stare at each other!!? 

I’ll keep you posted.


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