What Goes Around Comes Around

As Mr Timberlake says… “What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around”

Ladies and Gentleman tonight I experienced potentially the most Carrie Bradshaw scene of.



Back to that later.

Two weeks ago, the awkward silence date guy got in touch. He mentioned about going on a potential second first date, that he was younger and a nervous guy back then. He mentioned if we could try things again. A part of me wanted to try again, we had so much in common, talking constantly in the lead up to the date. We then met up and awkward. No spark. So we decided last Saturday to meet. We were going to meet at Bounce in Holborn. Saturday morning came and I was having doubts. What if we have that same awkwardness as before? So in the fear of it happening again I sent out a Whatsapp along the lines of:

“I’m sorry I have to cancel, I’ve started seeing someone and don’t think its right to go tonight”

Except I wasn’t. I wasn’t even really seriously talking to anyone (on exclusive terms – whatever that means these days) I just couldn’t go through with that awkward silence and no conversation again. And I wasn’t blaming it all on him, maybe it was me too – we just didn’t jel in person. Tuesday on my way to work, feeling kinda guilty I messaged him the truth. I just couldn’t be dishonest with him and I probably wasn’t ever going to see him again (apart from the time I bumped into him on the tube on the way to another date. Is even London getting too small that you’ll bump into previous dates?

Anyway, fast forward a week and here I am in my hotel room in Limassol, Cyprus. I had being talking to this guy probably since June from Bumble. He was interesting, a writer, and a massive poser. Every so often we’d chat, I never thought anything of it. He moved back to Limassol I assume a couple of months ago. Last week he messages me to remind him when I’m in Limassol. And so I do.  I found his writing quite good, and would be good to get a drink with another writer/blogger while I was in the city for work. So we organised for tonight for 8pm. Drinks at a bar. Until he cancels on me a few hours in the run up. For basketball practice. Bull shit. You don’t organise to meet someone knowing full well you already had plans.

Anyway, my hotel is near the Enaerios Limassol TGI Fridays, so I thought meh, I’ll just get a drink and something to eat and head back to the hotel. Travelling often for work I have to eat on my own often so I wasn’t fazed. Until he walks past me with a girl. This guy was actually on a date.


It was literally that Sex and The City classic scene where Carrie catches Big on a date. Except I didn’t bother to confront him, I didn’t see the point, instead I just ordered my food to go. I had to get out of there.

As I quickly walked out of TGI’s, I realised, I was getting a taste of my own medicine. I had done that exact same thing last week except I didn’t fob him off for another date. And I get it, what is the point of going on a date or meeting up with someone who’s in the country/ city for a couple of days? I rarely do it back home as it’s a waste of my time.

I decide to confront him and message him, and he came out with this brilliant “oh it was cancelled. and that was my gf you should have come over and said hi.” and he’s still on Bumble. Poor girl is all I can say.

So moral of story. Don’t treat someone how you wouldn’t want to be treated. Karma’s a right bitch and what goes around comes right back around.


Ps. Please watch the scene where Carrie catches Big on another date HERE – just to get an essence of what I went through tonight.

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