5 rules to follow if you hookup with a coworker

So the Christmas season is approaching, office parties are being booked, Christmas tunes blasting and out comes the mistletoe… πŸ˜‰πŸŽ„πŸŒΏ

Now getting with someone at work or in your network/ circuit can be a risky move. If you both seriously like each other it could be perfect, if it doesn’t, it could be awkward AF, especially if you work in the same room. The Business Insider Research shows that 16% of people meet their other half either at work or in their network.

Christmas time gives you that warm loving feeling like you can just think – F it, I will make that move, because if you can’t make a move at Christmas when the hell can you?

Laaaaaaast Christmas (I feel like going into George Michael rendition RN 😝) I ended up kissing guy from a different department at my work Christmas party. He was hot and had that Latino Prison Break Sucre look to him. It’s quite awkward as he sometimes comes into my office, where I just shudder, slide into my chair and try to hide until his smooth glance catches my eyes and I’m concentrating to act and look unphased.

Then there’s this other guy, I met at a fair last month. I noticed him at one of the spring fairs back in April and remember thinking, he is fit, but didn’t think anything else of it. So after what seemed to be the longest day of my life at this fair in October, we all headed to the networking drinks. It was a cute cosy place with an open bar and canapΓ©s. One drink after another, we were sat next to each other talking about random crap when I can’t remember but it suddenly got flirty. That’s all I remember of that night, except waking up and having a feeling I’d kissed someone. The missing details had to be filled in over breakfast with a friend. Oh god. Palm to face. We apparently ended up snogging quite a few times and in front of everyone πŸ™ˆ.

I won’t lie, coming back to Athens 3 weeks later I thought, you know what, just act amicable, it was a drunken snog, there’s nothing more to it and I hate awkwardness and I think I did quite well….until walking into the next exhibitor room and finding myself not being able to even walk past his stand. This usual confident, sassy lady had turned all shy.. shit.

If you find yourself hooking up with a work colleague, and trust me it can happen, (I always used to live by the don’t shit where you eat motto…until I did it…) here are 5 ways to deal with the situation:

1. Be amicable

2. Be professional.Β 

3. Ignore the gossip

4. Don’t be awkward – you both know what happened

5. And what happens at the Party stays at the party… well most of the time anyway πŸ˜‰

So enjoy the Christmas season, belt out that Mariah favourite and if you want to snog that hottie you always bump into by the printers just go for it! YOLO


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