My 2017 Blog Appraisal

As we approach the end of 2017, I wanted to join the blogging bandwagon and write out an appraisal for this blog. After all there has been highs and lows and just like a full time job (this feels like a part time job sometimes! – Which I love of course) I feel like I needed to reflect on the year.


1) My first blog high has to be, starting and launching it! I launched the blog in March after laughing with friends about my multiple horror dating stories and how I should write about them, I got thinking about it and just decided to go with it. I used to hate writing. Ironic really as i’m in a marketing role, but i’m more of a numbers/ data geek so I kind of used to shy away from copy writing if I could. 9 months down the line and I love it. I love writing now. Sometimes I worry that my writing doesn’t make grammatical sense (I do have 4 languages in my brain after all), but you know what, who cares?! I hope this way at least my readers get the sense of who I am and my voice by the style in how I write. As I began to write about my dating stories and reflections on love, I then also realised the importance of mental health and how it’s so closely connected to dating. As the months went on I went on to write some travel pieces (mostly Athens <3 currently) because I am very fortunate to travel often for work – so might as well find cool places whilst i’m there, right?

2) Reaching my Goal of 1000 visitors (1,046 as of today!) and over 1000 views (2829). I can’t believe it, when I checked this morning that over 1000 people have actually come to my site to read my material. It goes to show that maybe i’m not alone in my weird dating stories, fuckboy ghosting and the quest to finding love.

3) Devoting a lot of my free time to blogging. It has not been easy but i’m proud that I grew my Instagram following from 300 – 765. Social Media Management is no joke! This tweet below sums it up pretty well I think.


Becoming a blogger has made me so much more organised than I used to be. Because of dedicating time to writing, scheduling etc I have to plan my week and month so that I can dedicate time accordingly to blogging, work, socialising and gymming. Just like a sunday meal prep slot, this has become my routine.

4) Meeting an *amazing* network of bloggers. It has been so great meeting other bloggers who understand what you do and why you do it, via Instagram, Twitter, the initial Bloggershub Whatsapp group, and not forgetting the fabulous Scarlet London Blogger Events and the bloggers at the Blogophere events. #Inspo4lyf <3

5) Getting an Instamention on Lalalaletmeexplain‘s Instastory <3 Her Instagram posts are what make spit my coffee out in laughter and giggle on my awful commute to work. Her tongue in cheek and no BS content is just brilliant and to have gotten a mention on her insta story the other week had to be included in this. FYI please go follow her insta – you won’t regret it. Trust Me.

6) Launching my Facebook Page – This was one I was umming and arring about for ages and wanted to launch ages ago but I didn’t have the courage to. Launching a Facebook page really makes my blog open to the public – those that aren’t in the Instagram or twitter bubble. Those close to you. and because I blog about quite personal issues, I was worried what people might think of me, if they would judge me. But, after reading numerous articles about knowing your audience and growing your public profile, I just went and did it. the marketer in me was just like, for god sake, just do it – if your typical reader is a heavy FB user it makes sense to do it. Be Brave. Don’t give a crap about what people might think. HIT PUBLISH. And I did! is it the best platform to reach my audience, i’m still unsure as Instagram has been my biggest platform so far. But i grew a pair of non existent balls and did it. Yay go me!


5) Being insecure and self conscious about writing about dating. The negative thoughts of ” you’re still single, why would anyone listen to you”, or “is anyone even reading this?”. It was during the summer, when I decided I wanted to take a break form dating that these thoughts really took over my confidence in blogging. I wasn’t really having luck with dating and it got to me. I didn’t want to write about it.

6) Writing blocks. I’m sure all bloggers get this, but I think when I was going through the last point, it really hit me. I wasn’t dating – so what on earth was I going to write about? I had darlings of the blogging world @saphronlondon, @Picturesandletters and @beaming_lily, who really helped as to how I could look at dating in other angles, endless blogging sessions and attending the Scarlet London Blogger Festival really helped me to get back on my feet and start writing again.

Goals for 2018

  • To become even more organised with writing, scheduling and marketing my posts
  • To be more knowledgeable in SEO, Domain Authority, Prize giveaways, etc
  • To build a better defined brand across all platforms.
  • To run offline events – be it for women empowerment, self confidence building, bespoke speed dating events or something else – watch this space.

What an amazing year it’s been!


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  1. December 31, 2017 / 1:50 pm

    Yes keep going lady! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Steph
    December 31, 2017 / 7:21 pm

    Awww, I’m honoured that my tweet has been mentioned here!
    Congrats on everything you’ve achieved, especially considering you started in March this year!

    I hope your blog continues to grow from strength to strength in 2018!

    All the best!

    Social Spying

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