The 10 stages of drunk texting

Morning Beauts! So I hope you all had an amazing New Years Eve, Drank lots of Prosecco and had a cheeky snog at midnight πŸ˜‰

Are you guilty of sending a drunk text last night? If so, You might recognise this πŸ˜›

1) I am having an AMAZING night tonight!

2) Hearing that song that reminds you are a sassy lady and you don’t need no stupid man

3) Head to the bar. Ok maybe I’ve had a few too many…

4) Lunging onto someone just before midnight…

5) Why didn’t he want meeee?

5) Out comes the phone..You see he’s online on Facebook messenger/ Whatsapp/ Snapchat and think ‘yes he needs to hear what’s on my mind’.

6) You start repeating yourself and make no sense

7) “I’m not even that drunk.” STFU yes you are.

9) Waking up the next morning like:

10) Oh shit…



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