Ghosting Reflections

I don’t know what this post is. Maybe a vent. A reflection perhaps.

Now we all know what a Ghoster is. You talk to a guy, maybe date, and then they just decide to poof. Disappear. After Flower Ghoster, I thought I was heading into the new year Ghost free.

So I started talking to this guy last week. We have banter, he’s also a Britalian, a local. Hmm potential. Conversation was good, he too was interested into getting healthy. So I thought, you know what I’m going to be sassy and suggest a date first. Why waste time thinking when is he going to ask me out when I could just do it.

And so I did on Wednesday. I suggested Bounce for Monday. We joked around and I left the conversation on:

Awesome. Get ready to lose 😉

And nothing. Since Wednesday I haven’t heard a peep. Friends at work were like “what’s the problem?” There is no problem except that the communication had changed instantly. No reply and no message since. We were supposed to be going on a date on Monday… it’s now Saturday. So I’m making other plans. Screw him. He wasn’t even that hot.

What got to me earlier was that, yet again it was happening. Was it that he didn’t like me being so forward and suggesting the date? If he wasn’t interested in me why bother talking to me in the first place? I’m not on these dating sites to make friends – I’ve got enough.

It really did get to me today. You know, you can think meh whatever his loss, but when it has happened recently,  you get that inner voice like.. is it me? Then you open social media and see people in relationships, happy. The insecurity is a dangerous one to have in your head because it really does take over.

As today went on, I realised, I just need to get back up and continue. I refuse to become bitter.  I can’t lose hope.

I do need to get off Tinder though…


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