Charlotte Crosby: The courageous Queen we can ALL relate to

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This morning Gary Beadle, Charlotte’s Geordie Shore – ex, announced he had had a baby boy with the stunning model Emma McVey.

Can I just hail Charlotte. Following the announcement, she tweeted them both:


We’ve all been there. When that person you thought you would always be with, finally announces they’ve had a child. It’s an extremely overwhelming feeling. Sadness, jealousy. You thought you’d be ok. but they now have a little person in their life. With someone else.

As someone who has watched Geordie Shore from the beginning, I can’t help but feel sad, sad that they didn’t end up together despite everything. But for her to have typed those 6 characters shows utter strength, I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I was an utter mess when I saw my ex had had a child, so for her to be dealing with it in the public eye is just outstanding.

It made me realise we all need to be a bit more like Charlotte.




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