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I’m pretty bored of the whole online dating scene. From meeting guys who have looked entirely different, to being ghosted, I decided, right I need to delete these apps. And so I did this weekend. I got rid of POF and Tinder. To be honest I wasn’t using them properly (mostly for banter, and seeing if I can find any hilarious profiles). No offence to those who have met their other half on either one, but as my friend at work says, those apps are full of men like in the last bit of the January Sale.

Thing is though, Bumble is different. Us women have to make that first move – and it is hard. But you know what? There are actual fit and professional men on the app who also don’t look like they collect Porcelain cats. 🤣

Having been brought up in a European household of an Italian dad and a Portuguese Mum, I was brought up with the belief that guys had to be forward and show they like you. Well if you get on a flight to Naples or Porto, it’s certainly the case still, but not in North West London unfortunately. It’s a whole different ball game here.

I’ve never been one to usually start a conversation online with the above mentality, but I got speaking to Ana, a fellow blogger at the London Blogging Event who said something quite interesting “The guys never really go for the funny girls”. I got what she was saying and it got me thinking. On Tinder and POF you’d prob get messaged such as, hot pics or I saw your profile and thought I’d say hey. Erm ok, and what do I do with that?

So I thought you know what, I am hilarious! – I can’t go about just writing hey or how’s your weekend. I hate it when I get it, so I’d be a hypocrite if I did the same, and so out came the idea of the good old pick up line. But not any cheesy one no, looking at what they do as profession or taking interests and hobbies:

The Accountant

The Fit Doctor

he even whipped out some Italian.. Impressive 😉

The Hot guy that said he studied at something something of Dentistry and Medicine…

A Fellow Smiths fan 🙂

Then there were some who weren’t so keen and need to get a new sense of humour … clearly 😉😝

The Fit Plumber

The Lawyer fittie:

So what have I learnt? Both men and women need to be inventive with making that first move online. No one wants a boring hey or how’s your weekend been? Put some effort in.

I’m actually still talking to a few of them.. I’ll have to keep you beauts updated x

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