My Valentines High Street Faves

I love love. Falling in love, the feeling of being in love. And it’s why I stay optimistic, in the hope that one day I will find it again.

I love Valentines Day. It’s corny AF but why not dedicate one day where you show people you love, that you love them? Be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, lover, friend, parent, sister, brother, child, Etc be it whoever you want it to be. But don’t forget about you. Love you. This is the biggest Love I have reconnected with in the last year, and honestly, most possibly the first Valentines where I haven’t felt bitter or glum that I‘m not with anyone.

Happy Valentines Day my Darlings

So I thought i’d share my favourite Valentines pieces off the high street that I love and will be purchasing to me from me.



Red bardot foldover wrap dress

Black eyelash lace cross waist knicker

Blue short sleeve lace dress

Grey rhinestones tassel earrings

Rose strappy velvet wrap midi dress





In The Style

New Look


💋💕 x


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