Review: Date in a Dash Speed Dating event at Fifty9 Bar Mayfair

Being fed up with the current dating scene and with Valentine’s Day looming quicker than ever, I decided to give dating events another go. I’ve been to a few in the past, there was one really successful one where I met a guy and we hit it off, went on the date andddd then he never got in touch again.

To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect with last night’s event and the thing with dating events is that they can really be hit and miss. I met my friend for some pre event cocktails at Dirty Martini in Hanover Square, you know, to get rid of any nerves. As we rocked up to the bar, I thought, “you know what, just be yourself, you never know what might happen.”

Fifty9 bar is in a cool location, nestled near trendy Sexyfish in Mayfair and the downstairs part, where the event was held, had a good space to hold speed dating.

As we commenced the night, I looked around and for the first time ever – there were more guys than girls. This was never the case at events that I had been to in the past, so definitely a thumbs up from me. I wanted to go get a drink before the event started but the downstairs bar, where it was being held, was closed. Rookie error.

So in terms of the guys – there were a few alright looking guys but my fave was guy #2, now he was quite fit. In the space of 5 minutes I found out  he was an engineer, found out about his insane background and that he had an obsession for Pizza. Win. And then the buzzer went off. I continued talking to other guys but I just wanted to get back to that date and how was I going to woo him for him to ask me for my number??

As my friend and I headed into the loos pretty much First Dates stylee, I started to ask other girls how their nights were going (and hoping no one else had matched with number two 😉 )

“It’s really fun actually, it’s a bit random, and you know what I have met someone who I’ve hit it off with, we were talking about going for a drink soon…”

“All the men were really nice, but I didn’t find any of them that attractive. But it’s definitely a stepping stone to build confidence” 

It just shows that these events really are hit and miss depending on who goes on the night. I didn’t bump into guy number 2 again, but you know what it doesn’t matter, speed dating is definitely a way to build your confidence if you’re newly single or feeling a bit rusty in the dating department. I’m not sure if speed dating really is for me as I prefer more activity based events so i’m going to check out the Play Dating and Drunk Jenga dating events they do.

Date in a Dash also have a new taxi dating event which looks SO FRIKKIN COOL! This is what dating needs more of. People having fun and meeting potentials in a fun environment – I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Stay tuned!

*This post was sponsored by Date in a Dash but all of my thoughts in this post are my own.


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