Mr Nice Guy

As I watched last night’s Love Island I can’t help but feel bad for Alex. Alex is a kind, intelligent, gentleman, who, may I add, is also a Doctor *swoon*, but why is it that most of the girls in the Villa aren’t really feeling him?

 “Because he lacks that oomph” 

How many times have I heard me and my friends say this? But how do we define oomph? Spark? Sexiness? Cockiness? Confidence?  Banter? Or just being a fit knob? 

I’ve met so many guys like this in the past. One was and is still a really good friend of mine. We had the same group of friends, and from the get go I could tell he was keen on me but I never really saw him that way. Everyone could tell he did, even my parents would say to me, come on, give him a chance and he ticked all of the boxes, just not the spark box. 

It’s like a friend of mine as well. She recently dated a solicitor, apparently he ticked every box, even the 😉 one, if you get what I mean, but she says “He’s just too predictable and nice.” 

But why, why do us women do this? We have the good guys who have everything going for them, then get talking to a fit guy who’s aloof and unattentive and a bit of a dick and we want them to notice us.

Perhaps it’s the challenge, the, I was the girl he changed for. No darling, if a guy is acting like a dickhead with you, he’ll prob act that way with more women in the future. Look at Adam, and how he just tossed Poor Kendall aside, because she was “too insecure”, he then chose solicitor Rosie, and has now set his sights on new girl Megan. Muggy. 

The older I get though and the more I date, the more I realise actually how much more us women should actually give these types more of a chance. The fit dickhead who’s sliding in your insta DMs isn’t going to be the gentleman type who would message you a good night gorgeous x text. Well, they might, and ask for some nudes on the side of course. And leave you on Blue tick for days, that’s for sure. 

So Megan’s now facing the dilemma of does she choose Eyal, the fit guy she usually goes for, or does she take a chance on the lovely gentleman Doctor?

Who do you think she’ll choose?



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