How to Start a Conversation on Bumble

If you’ve recently downloaded Bumble and you’re not sure how to start a conversation with the gorgeous guy you’ve matched with, then read on.

Never heard of Bumble? An app initially released in 2014 was developed by one of the Tinder founders – Whitney Wolf Herd. It’s USP is that women have to make the first move and if there is no response within 24 hours, the match disappears. 

online dating Bumble

My past experience of Bumble is that the men on the app are different from the type you’d meet on Tinder or Plenty of Fish. It seems like the men on Bumble, well the ones I’ve ended up going on dates with, have had their sh** together. The App doesn’t seem to attract men that would be the type to collect porcelain cats, as I’ve experienced on POF and Tinder.

The concept of Bumble is empowering, because the power is in our hands, and it changes the entire culture shift of dating. Plus, it shows how it can actually really be difficult to start up a conversation.

I’ve never been one to usually start a conversation online, so when I came across Bumble, I struggled quite a bit. But one night, on a flight back from a business trip, I thought about dating in the past and classic pick up lines used in bars pre-online dating.

I couldn’t go about just writing hey or how’s your weekend? It’s so uninventive and lazy & I hate it when I get that sort of message, so I’d be a hypocrite if I did the same. I hope you enjoy these conversation starters!

The Accountant

The Fit Doctor

he even whipped out some Italian.. Impressive 😉

The Hot guy that said he studied at something something of Dentistry and Medicine…

A Fellow Smiths fan 🙂

Then there were some who weren’t so keen and need to get a new sense of humour … clearly 😉😝

The Fit Plumber

The Lawyer fittie:

So what have I learnt? Both men and women need to be inventive with making that first move online. No one wants a boring hey or how’s your weekend been? Put some effort in.

I’m actually still talking to a few of them.. I’ll have to keep you beauts updated x

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