With over 7 years of experience as a Business School and University recruitment and admissions counsellor, my passion lies in working with people to help them achieve all that they can be.

I love sitting down with someone, getting a big marker pen and brainstorming goals. Where do you want to get to? Why? By when? How?

Being able to share my skills, knowledge and experience to benefit others and help them achieve their goals and aspirations and improve their overall wellbeing gives me such a buzz and sense of satisfaction. I take huge pride in really getting to know the people I work with to ensure they are getting the most from their time with me.

Ultimately, I love understanding what makes people tick and itโ€™s why Iโ€™m so interested in psychology, HR and marketing - because it all about the person!


A little bit about me…

A BA (Hons) Media Studies and Languages (Italian and Spanish) graduate from Sussex University, 2012.

Starting my career in the Business School world, I joined London Business School as a fresh graduate. I reviewed most probably 500+ CV’s during my time recruiting for the MBA, Masters in Finance and Masters in Management, met and coached with maybe 200 applicants and absolutely loved the 2 and a half years spent there. I exceeded my targets, generating surplus income simply on the basis of doing what I loved, meeting with candidates, understanding what they wanted to do out of life and how I could help them get there. A career coach in the making…

Shortly after London Business School I then moved into Investment Banking Graduate HR at Citigroup. I wanted to understand the world of finance and what it was the banks were looking for in MBA candidates. It was super interesting and I got involved in diversity initiatives but I missed the element of interacting with people.

The next stop was the University of East London. I quickly resonated with the University as I shared the same values in helping people, and I loved the diversity of its workforce. I was in an office of over 10 different languages. I created a role from scratch and managed the recruitment from the European region. This is where I truly blossomed in my career. I had a director who believed in me and gave me the autonomy and trust to just get on with what I was tasked to do. And because I felt so supported, I grew in confidence, loved what I was doing and naturally I performed extremely well.

Global University Systems made me the commercial person I am today. Going from public to private education was no easy transition, but one that made me realize how strong in developing new business I am because I use my people skills to understand their needs and desires. I had a really close team of business developers and we bounced off each other’s positive and competitive energy and we’re still friends today. I was also part of the GUS on staff happiness committee, and I think this was a pivotal changing point in my career. I started to research Jobs in staff happinessโ€ฆ

Cass Business School, it was good to be back in the business school world surrounded by world class academics doing research on Formula 1 strategy to meeting brilliant candidates who wanted to start their own business or change career completely. I loved being in this environment again, advising and coaching such interesting and ambitious individuals. And the more I coached the more I reflected on my own career and what I wanted next…

So here I am! Iโ€™ve decided to pursue my passion in Psychology and I will be starting the MSc Conversion in Psychology at The University of East London in September 2020!

Let's get brainstorming

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