3 Men and a Baby 👶🏻

So I’m catching up on Love Island, having been away on holiday for 11 days and realised something quite interesting. Men really do look hotter when looking after babies/ children. What is it about men that make women’s ovaries flip…

Mr. Corduroy

I started talking to Georgios around a month ago. He was originally from the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Greece. He was cute and wrote with broken English which I found quite endearing.  

In today’s dating world it’s a given that the person you’re talking to will most likely be on more than one or two dating apps. So in order to protect myself and not get hurt I have usually gone by this too, but when I now meet someone I want, like really – this rule goes out of the window. Some might argue that it’s risky as the other person could be dating you as well as 2 others but it’s the risk I take – to really invest in one person. 

Ciao Darlings!

I'm Patrizia a lifestyle blogger from London. I talk about everything from mental health, dating, travel, a recipe here and there with a few of my favourite book reviews throw in for good measure ;)

Why being picky isn’t such a bad thing

Have you ever been stuck at one of those awful family parties where an auntie or uncles asks why you’re still single and moan that you’re too picky? That’s usually my scenario, as a 27 year old with Italian and Portuguese family, I am subject to this scenario quite often. I’m often told ‘oh give him a chance’ when returning from a date feeling far from impressed. So I’m here to share with you why it’s good to be picky and how to shoo off any annoying relatives.

Muay Thai Boxer

I met this guy 4 years ago on POF, he was Mediterranean looking and had these gorgeous big brown eyes and a cute smile. I’ll call him Muay Thai Boxer or MTB for short. At the time I was also seeing another guy i’ll shorten to P. P and I had been dating on /off for 6 months but I could just tell he was dating other women. MTB and I had good banter and I found myself wanting to talk to him constantly. We organised to meet at the Aviary bar one Thursday

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