Metro Rush Hour Crush

I pick up this mornings edition of the Metro to get the brief summary of the the triggering of Article 50 plastered on the front page. As I flick through I come across my favourite section, the Metro Rush Hour Crush. It does make me giggle, I see a number of very good looking men on my commute to work every morning and who knows maybe one day I’Il read:

“GRUMPY curly haired girl with glasses, we exchanged a sigh to get a seat – How about we rant about commuters over a glass of wine?”

Right Guy Wrong Timing

It was September and I was giving up on a trialling month on The adverts were and still are everywhere, in between Made in Chelsea, on my commute to work, billboards in central, everywhere. So one night I was with my sister and brother in law on my match account moaning “I just give up, there are just no more good men left” until they took my laptop and decided to have a search.

Ciao Darlings!

I'm Patrizia a lifestyle blogger from London. I talk about everything from mental health, dating, travel, a recipe here and there with a few of my favourite book reviews throw in for good measure ;)

5 fun first date ideas in London

I’ve been on quite a few first dates in the last year. Being the love optimist, I love the butterfly feeling I get in my stomach about meeting this potential person. But one thing I HATE like HATE, is a boring stiff dinner date. Dinner in my opinion is always a bit too intense for my liking, quite interview-like all whilst you’re trying to avoid getting sweetcorn or spinach in your teeth. Also if you’re not so keen – quite hard to make a run for it!

So here are my top 5 first date places in London:

Original Dating Rehab Guy

I went to an Original Dating event, somewhere in Bank with my best friend who too at the time was single. Being the optimist to find ‘ground breaking’ love, I found this 23 – 36 event online and convinced her to come– although when I say ‘convinced’, I mean I booked it for her and dragged her with me.

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