A date can go pretty amazing, you have the spark, there’s no awkward silences, you might picture yourself with them (guilty), you kiss and think ok when will I see them next? Then a few days pass and you don’t make the first move as you don’t want to seem keeno (or not in my case sometimes – I really need to tame my fiery Portuguese side) and then nada…like they’ve dropped off the face of the earth. Friends, bless them, will try to come up with bogus reasons ( I do love my friends for the advising sessions we’ve had in the past haha) why they haven’t got in touch whilst discussing and dissecting conversations

The Coincidental Encounter

I was on Tinder one Thursday night 6 months ago when I matched with this cute guy. I was flying to Bucharest the next morning for my first work trip with my new job, so whilst I was frantically packing, I notice my phone pinged to say I had a match. I carried on packing and thought nothing of it.

Ciao Darlings!

I'm Patrizia a lifestyle blogger from London. I talk about everything from mental health, dating, travel, a recipe here and there with a few of my favourite book reviews throw in for good measure ;)

TFL Craic

I started talking to a guy a couple of months ago on Tinder. He was cute, Irish with gorgeous green eyes. We got chatting and I soon realised we had a few things in common, he loved travelling as much as I did and lived one tube stop away from me. As much as I do love travelling for work, try and see me in between trips and it’s impossible. In the midst of travelling every week for work and still trying to have a social and dating life, I suggested to meet this guy on the tube. Yes the London Underground.

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